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How can I follow my favorite authors on BookBub?

To get started, click on your name in the upper-right corner of our website and select “Discover Authors” from the drop-down menu that appears. On this page, you’ll see several tabs located under the Discover Authors header, one of them being the “Search” tab — click on this tab to start searching for your favorite authors.

Once you find the author you’re looking for, you can view their BookBub page by clicking on their name. From here you’ll have the option to follow them by clicking on the “Follow” button in the upper right area of the page.

Once you start following authors, you’ll be notified in a BookBub email whenever we feature an author that’s on your list. You can stop receiving author updates anytime by changing your notification preferences here: Email Preferences.

You can keep track of the authors that you’re currently following by clicking on this link (you may need to sign in first).

You can choose to unfollow authors from this page by clicking on the “Following” button to the right of the author you’d like to stop following. If you’ve successfully unfollowed an author, the button will say “Follow” instead of “Following”.

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