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What are BookBub’s community guidelines?

BookBub’s Community Guidelines

Our goal is to help book lovers connect with like-minded readers and discover great books, but we can’t do that alone. Our readers’ input is what makes our community special. As the community grows and changes, so will our policies, but here are our current guidelines for user contributions:

Be Honest: The most helpful ratings, reviews, and reactions are honest ones. We want to provide users with candid and unbiased thoughts from the community when they are discovering books. Reviews posted with ulterior motives, such as ratings intended to inflate or deflate a book’s rating, or posts you were paid to write, make it more difficult for other members of the community to make an informed decision about a given book, and therefore aren’t allowed.

Be Respectful: We have a lot of respect for readers and authors alike here at BookBub and want to foster a community where all book lovers feel welcome. Of course, we want you to be honest when a book isn’t your cup of tea or you disagree with another user, but this should never be done in a way that would make other users feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or unwelcome.

Keep It Relevant: We love when users add their own sense of humor or a sprinkle of personal detail to posts, but posted content should be relevant to the discussion of the book at hand. Reviews are intended to be about a book itself, which is why we don’t allow reviews that focus on personal details about the author, are from users who haven’t yet read the book, or for some other reason aren’t focused on details relevant to the book’s content.

See Something? Let Us Know!
If you see content on the site that isn’t in line with our guidelines, please let us know! You can flag content for review by clicking the flag icon in the lower right-hand corner of the post or you can contact us here: Contact BookBub. We appreciate your help!

Still Have Questions?
As long as your posts keep with the spirit of the guidelines above, we’ll be glad to have them on our site, but in case you have questions, here are some of the main things that aren’t allowed on BookBub:

  • Reviewing a book that you haven’t yet read
  • Reviews that don’t give any relevant or useful information about a book
  • Any attempts to artificially alter a book’s rating
  • Plagiarized material
  • Self-promotional posts linking to your own products/services
  • Reviews in languages other than English
  • Harassment of authors or other users
  • Hateful or lewd content
  • ​Links to material that isn’t consistent with BookBub’s guidelines
  • Impersonating an individual, business, or other entity

This list isn’t all-inclusive, and BookBub may remove posts or deactivate accounts for reasons including and beyond those provided here. Please feel free to contact the BookBub team if you have any further questions about our policies!

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