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How do I create a new password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, or don’t have one, you can make a new password here: Create a New Password

If you’re not sure what your BookBub password is, you can request a link sent to your email address that will allow you to bypass entering a password at all when you log in. To do so, on the Sign in page, enter your email address in the box that reads “Sign in using a magic link” then click “Send Link.” From there, you’ll receive an email with the subject link “Magic Link Request.” You can then click the “Sign in to BookBub” button to sign into BookBub without entering a password. 

If you’d prefer to update your BookBub password, we’d suggest creating a new password by visiting our website and following the password reset instructions, here:


After submitting your email address, you should receive a new email from BookBub with the subject “Create a New Password. You can then click on “Create a new password” from within the message to complete the process. Please be sure to click the “Create a new password” link in the most recent email from BookBub.

Note: Creating a new password via MagicLink is not available on the BookBub app.

If you don’t receive a password reset email from BookBub, we’d suggest checking your spam folder. If the email doesn’t arrive within 24 hours, or you have any more trouble creating a new password, please let us know and we can look into the problem for you.

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